About Grindstone Public House

Grindstone Public House brings American flair and flavors to downtown Noblesville, IN a restored 1890’s building. We’re a bi-level casual dining place with an emphasis on farm to table. We’re part of Clancy’s Inc.

Clancy’s began in Noblesville, Indiana in 1965. Carl Fogelsong, our founder, had a vision for fast food restaurants in small Midwestern towns. Serving a basic menu of quality burgers, drinks, and “the best French fries in town,” Carl grew Clancy’s Hamburgers into a 31 unit regional chain covering four states.

In the mid-seventies National fast food chains began expansion into markets that at one time were considered too small. Market share was lost to more powerful national chains, that had advantages in advertising, and buying power.

Grindstone Charley’s began in 1982, Perry Fogelsong join the Clancy’s Inc. team after graduating from Indiana University. Perry proposed the idea of repurposing some of the Clancy’s Hamburgers properties into a casual dining restaurant. The Fogelsong’s went on a trip to Grindstone City, Michigan. Carl’s best friend, Charley was in attendance. Over some good food & wine, Grindstone Charley’s was born over night! With a menu designed to appeal to a diverse economic base, our first store opened in 1982 in Noblesville, Indiana.

A third generation of the Fogelsong family joined the corporate team in 2010. Blake Fogelsong, Perry’s son joined Clancy’s Inc. after graduating from Ball State University. The addition of Blake to the corporate team has been instrumental in the development of two new projects, Grindstone Public House, and a new Grindstone Charley’s in Westfield, Indiana.

Clancy’s Inc. currently operates four Grindstone Charley’s (Kokomo, Speedway, Lafayette, Rockville Road), Michaelangelo’s Italian Bistro, Clancy’s Hamburgers, & Grindstone Public House.

Our Mission

Understanding the distinction between service and hospitality has been at the foundation of our success. Service is the technical delivery of a product. Hospitality is how the delivery of that product makes a recipient feel. Service is a monologue—we decide how we want to do things and set our own standards for service. Hospitality, on the other hand, is a dialogue. To be on a guest’s side requires listening to that person with every sense, and following up with a thoughtful, gracious, appropriate response. It takes both great service and great hospitality to rise to the top.

Our Core Values


2. Integrity

3. Fairness

4. Focus

5. Concentration

Our Space

Developed by Clancy’s Inc., the property at 101 N 10th Street once housed the Clark Supply House was given a new lease on life.

“A special thanks to TJ Keene and Loree Everette for the partnership and bringing this beautiful and historic building back with vigor in which Grindstone Public House calls home.” – Clancy’s Inc. President and CEO Perry Fogelsong

Grindstone Public House gives a nod to both the building’s heritage and Downtown Noblesville by displaying a decorative mural. Designed by Phanomen/design and painted by Olson Paint Studios, the fanciful mural graces one entire side of the newly refurbished building.


The historic Castor building where our restaurant is located was constructed in 1891 by William H. Castor a local farmer and entrepreneur.

The first tenant in this location was The Clark Supply House. Starting as a supplier of stoves, ranges and plumbing supplies, over time it sold windmills, pipe, fire brick and incandescent lamps.

On the third floor of the building was the Cherokee Lodge of the Independent Order of Red Men. This fraternal order was founded in 1904 traced its beginnings back to Dec. 16, 1773 and Samuel Adams and the founding of the Sons of Liberty. The Sons of Liberty are believed to be the group that organized the Boston Tea Party.

Grindstone Public House honors the legacy of the building and history of downtown noblesville. With a robust whiskey selection, craft beers, and unique wine selection, we hope you enjoy!